Wear a cup when No Gi-ing?

Some tournament registration I saw the other day had a cup down as a requirement. Do any of you roll with a cup? I've been smacked in the sack once or twice, but usually I'm okay.

Do GQ events require cups?


Technically a cup is required at pretty much every event but its not like anyone is going to check if yer wearing one.

Yes, wear it! I imagine the pain without it is excrutiating.

I never wear a cup. I have heard of what is called a
soft cup but I do not know where to get one.

You should always wear a cup when doing sports. Those things between your leggs are family jewels. You only get one set.

LOL! I just competed at the GQ this weekend and didn't wear a cup, as none of my teammates were. And right at the "time's up" the guy hit me in the sack with the sandbag thingy. If I didn't have it on tape some from my school wouldn't have believed it.

Next time, I'm wearing my cup.


Also, if you've got decent sized nuts, it makes it a lot easier to armbar. People always say, just squeeze your legs together harder. I don't care what you say, it's easier to use a hard plastic surface as a fulcrum than a pair of soft nerve laden spheres.

MrCorrect lives up to his name.

when you go for a kimura from 69 on top position you can dig your cup into your opponents forehead if you want to be a prick. I always wear a cup. you just gotta get used to wearing one. My last cup was cracked down the middle from a knee. just imagine how much pain i would be in if i wasn't wearing a cup.

I have done both as far as competing with and without a cup, the first time i wore one and it was more of a pain than anything, but the second time when i didn't wear one i almost submitted myself finishing an armbar. with that said i think the cup is the smarter way to go.

Why is it that no-one wears a cup until they put on the spandex shorts?

This might sound weird, but are there any cups out there that allow for a decent range of motion? Having the cup between your legs I'd imagine it'd get in the way of your thighs during transitions and what not.

I don't wear cup in regular training. If some tough sparring is coming up then I definately wear one. I once submitted once in a tourney - one guy was wearing a muay thai cup (of metal) and he was doing a RNC on me. I was fine defending the choke, but the cup pressed SO painfully in my spine that I tapped (It was absolute division and I was 150lbs, I was injured and tired so I decided to quit:) The competition doctor was REALLY worried because there was a pressed hole in my lower back. It cured in a week or so.

A cup is actually against the rule in a judo tournament. I never wear one when training. Of course, I also never wore one playing football, baseball, etc.

I am fortunately not plagued with the weaknesses of male genitalia, but I still think guys should wear cups. There are just some things I don't want to feel, and I doubt most of your male training partners want to either.

Tap Me has spoken the correct. I could never imagine rolling without one.

I wear one with and without the gi. I don't find it restrictive at all.

Always wear a cup.....dirty JJ if you want to call it this but i like to pass up the middle and if my knee slids over the "boys" sorry for ya thats 220 lbs on them thangs and im sure to get through

When you got a guy in a triangle and he hides the arm, you switch off to the reverse triangle.

But if he has a huge neck/traps then it's hard to get the choke with the reverse triangle, so you should switch to the omaplata or kimura. . .

But if you don't want to switch again you can pull his face into your cup crushing his teeth/lips against the plastic causing extreme pain and a tapout.

It sounds cheap, but a cup makes the reverse triangle more effective.

I just picked up a new cup and compression short combo pack from The Sports Authority. The left and right sides of the cup are soft, but the front, top and bottom are hard like a traditional cup. It is called an XO Pro Cup and it seems like it would be good for grappling. I'll try it out in class later this week.

Here are the links.

Compression Short