Wearing a Gi to the beach

I hear this is the way to impress the local ladies, is this true?

yup just use a gi string.i hear they have it at the scrapyard.o2mmaksso use it sometimes

the man who gave you this advice is an obvious PLAYAH!

awaits DC testimonial about running with MMA gloves on

^^^lmfao @ those responses

I wore mma gloves everywhere in Hawaii.

Didn't want to dirty my hands when I punched Micros.

i knew you and dc looked like bros.

LMAO @ DC running w/ gloves on, Ive seen w/ my own eyes.....yes, true.

Running down by S.Beritania area........there was also a popolo guy running w/ him.....musta been getting ready for a big fight or something;)

 From what i hear. You gotta have hand wraps on, mma gloves around it "to break it in", wear fight sprawl shorts, headgear (cheek or w/o cheek, whatever is comfortable) and of course gi top.

Then u will be the man!

 don't forget to stop by club hula on kapahulu for free drinks.

they go nuts over that hot pink Atama Gi just FYI

Wear the Gi top when you cut off the kooks while surfing.

gi top instead of a rash guard surfing....brilliant!!

cut the gi pant like daisey dukes FTW

I wear my atama shorts all the time to the market. Most comfortable shorts I own

Dude if you are going to wear a gi and try to impress the wahines in this hot hawaiian sun, I suggest you have your brother or your best friend follow behind you wherever you go with a towel and a bucket of water. This will complete the picture and make you look the part of a MMA champ. Maybe you can call Tracy Lee and have her document your journey. Good Luck!

maybe a full on Gracie train following me as I head into the surf!

hahahahaha LOL

i hear Hackleman does this.

tjmitch - maybe a full on Gracie train following me as I head into the surf!

if you're in need of genuine Gracie students for your "Gracie" train, all you have to do is show up at any Gracie school and politely false crack the highest belt in class and RUN.....

insta-Gracie-train >>>>>>>>>>>