Wearing gi pants in no-gi tourney

I like to attack from the guard, and was wondering what the pros and cons of wearing gi pants in a no-gi fight would be.

It seems as though setting up submissions would be a bit easier, while on the other hand your opponent would have greater control over your legs.

Any thoughts?

A lot of No-Gi tournaments dont allow it at all. The reason is that you are typically NOT allowed to grab your opponents clothes at all. This means you can not grab his shirt, or shorts, and the same holds true for the gi. So you wouldnt be able to grab his gi pants.

On the positive side (which I will explain why its not allowed), is that you have much more cloth (long gi pants) to grab of your your own pants, which can help actually land submissions because of it. Think about it like this, if you allow gi pants, why not also allow a Gi top?

You would have to make it illegal for an opponent to grab your gi top (because its illegal to grab any clothes in no-gi competition), and you can allow the guy wearing his gi to use it as a weapon to choke and submit.

It makes it very unfair, so a lot of competitions dont allow it at all.

Thanks for the reply! I hadn't given any thought to the legality of wearing the pants. It makes sense to outlaw them for the reasons you gave. But if a tournament allows them, I think I'd wear them.

I didn't check the rules for the Best of the West tournament last weekend, so I'm glad I didn't wear them. Might have gotten DQed!

NAGA and GQ allow you to grab clothing. Most guys grab onto your shorts to open your guard anyway...

I wear pants no gi - no slipping out of my omaplatas, triangles and arbars from the guard...

I wear pants no gi - no slipping out of my omaplatas, triangles and arbars from the guard...


Or you could always just grow more leg hair...

ANAGA and GQ allow you to grab clothing. Most guys grab onto your shorts to open your guard anyway...

Are u serious? Whenever I grabbed the shorts in GQ in March, the ref told me to quit grabbing the shorts. Was it a confusion on the refs part, or are u sure u can grab clothing?

I'm positive about NAGA.

Sometimes grabbing is instinctual for a gi trainer...

People have turned up at GQ in stuff like luchador masks and pimp suits (guy got choked out), so I don't think grabbing is technically against the rules, but alot of refs don't allow it.

Personally I think clothing should not be allowed for gripping but long sleeve rash guards should just be mandated for the sport so there is no variation.  Maybe vale tudo shorts should be mandated too.  Clothing should not be the basis for the game or they might as well put the gis back on.

If wearing pants is outlawed, only outlaws will wear pants.

If you have to resort to grabbing someones shorts or rashguard...you are in trouble in the long run.

Are you kidding me bro? If you train gi, you know how easy it is to dominate someone by manipulating their pants, shorts, or any clothes. You can completely dominate someone by manipulating clothes.

Pants should be alowed to grab and should be allowed in all mma orgs to. Because pants are realistic. Jackets arent really reastic.

This is silly. This is YOUR subjective assessment of "realistic." I imagine we shouldn't all consult to you or one person for their assessment of whats realistic or not.

Jason, how did you do at the tourney?

I consider sub. wrestling to be a self-contained sport and don't care about what it supposedly represents.  In fact if I could figure out a way to make it work I would come up with a system whereby the only way to win was by tapout.  Making the clothing worn for this specific sport uniform across the board just moves it to a more professional level and no part of the game should be based on cloth grips.


I'm happy to hear you're having a blast in Brazil. That's great!

I got 3rd place in the intermediate division, 180-189lb class. Overall I had a wonderful time.

1st fight was won on points, with the guy talking smack during the match.

2nd was won by armbar from guard.

3rd I lost by armbar with 20 seconds to go.

Only five minutes between matches, so my horrible cardio pretty much sealed my fate.

Take care!

In the third fight my opponent slipped out of pretty secure armbar, which is why I created this thread.

Congrats, man!!! See you on Monday!

I have been wearing gi pants for no-gi training recently and have found that the advantage of extra control from the guard outways the advantage to the other guy of cloth to grab.

Pro = no one can see your pale, skinny legs.

Just be careful of the leglocks/heelhooks. With gi pants on, you are much more likely to get caught in something you can't slip your way out of.

hey mo, if justin shows up in gi pants again at nevertap are you going to make him find some shorts?