weave differences???

can anyone tell me what the difference is between single double and gold and what you guys prefer. Im looking to get a new gi soon and was on the atama site earlier and then realized I honestly have no idea what the differences are between them.

not really sure but single is the cheapest/thinnest , double is more exspensive/thinker, gold is to be right in between. affordable, thin and tuff.

if you go to www.mkimonos.com you can see close up photos and excellent explainations in their FAQ on this.

single- lighter, more flexible, thinner, softer

double-heavier, less flexible, thicker, stronger (some feel like cardboard, though)

gold- thin like a single, strong like a double, soft like a single.

Single- lightest of the three, soft and comfy. Weave is similar to the double.
Double- Heaviest of the three, stiffer than all three, very strong, last very long.
Gold- weight is in between the single and double.(heavier than single and lighter than double). The weave is different than that of the single and double. Softest of all of them too.