Web Hosting Deal Revisited


$9.95 per month:

166GB of disk space (automatically increases 1GB each week)

1.66TB of bandwidth (automatically increases 16GB each week)

Unlimited MySQL databases

Chat server

Email accounts (POP/IMAP)

1 Free domain registration

Unlimited domains hosted

Full PHP 4 and 5 support

Snapshop data backup

Password protected directories

One-Click Automatic Software Installers:

WordPress, phpBB, Advanced Poll, ZenCart, MediaWiki, Joomla, Gallery, WebCalendar

Big thread about people talking about the service and reliability (i use them and have been happy).


I thought that would be a little obvious since a few other OG members have been doing the exact same thing for a while now.

I use GoDaddy as well, control panel sucks but service is top notch.

referrals? Who would do that ?

I did tell everyone that I was getting credit from my referrals and I ended up with like 120 overall.

Let's just say my hosting is and has been free for awhile.


No .Net?

I use site5 and its been great.

hey Dafelst, if I sign up with Site5, is there a referral code or something I can use to point to you?

Hah, ok cool man. I was thinking of going with you over dreamhost cuz I can pay monthly, which is nice when you're broke :P


I tried calling "24 hour" support and they aren't there. :(

Anways, do you guys at site5 offer Tomcat in your package?

Do either of these companies let you have a Unix/Linux shell account that you can access with ssh/sftp? Or can anyone recommend a web hosting company that does? I wouldn't necessarily need root, just a regular account.

"Personally, we've found that phone support for web hosting offers very little benefit for a lot of extra cost. "

would VoIP change the cost balance at all?

I've been testing Dreamhost and HostGator for a few months now. I
have to say, Dreamhost is a "you get what you pay for" deal. It
performs about as well as one would expect it to for that price. Not
horrible, but far from great.

HostGator, on the other hand, has flat-out amazed the shit out of me. I
installed a forum on it, and it runs smooth as silk. Even better than A
Small Orange, whom I've been plugging for years. We launched a
NASCAR site last weekend, and got our sign on the SpeedTV pre-race
show. We had 200 people signing up and posting like crazy, pretty
much all at the same time. HostGator handled it with any problem at
all. Not something I've ever found in a cheap host.


How can I contact you without leaving my Email address here for spam
bait? I'm thinking about moving an account, and I can't use HostGator,
ASO, or Dreamhost. I need a completely different IP for search engine
reasons. Basically, I just want to test a Webmail account for a day.

"No, it's mostly the staffing costs. It's very hard to multitask and prioritise tickets via phone support."



Is the 5 dollar per month deal a one time only opportunity?

Just curious... How many Ridiculous Five Dollar Deal accounts do
you host per server?

Yeah, I understand. I was just wondering if you had an average.


do you expect any good deals with the multisite option? and is it possible to host unlimited sites on the multisite?