Web Site: InsideFighting.com

I am unsure if any other forum members read insidefighting.com.

I used to read this site quite frequently and found it to be an effective site for information and editorialization about the MMA and boxing scene.

Unfortunately I have had it with their horrid pop-ups. Today was the last straw for them because one of their pop-ups crashed my work-computer.

I think they are actually worse than sherdog.com on the annoyance factor.

Hopefully they will fix this one day, and I might check in with them every few months from now on (instead of every day or two) to see if they get around to running a professional site that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also effective and not filled with pop ups (and other misc crap that your computer and work do not find very friendly).

Two thumbs down for Insidefighting.com (used to be two thumbs up).

I actually enjoy some of their content.

But yes, it has morphed in to a crap site.

Hopefully it is not just me that noticed this and reacted to their turn for the worst for the last year or so.

I've never had problems with the site myself, other than the utterly annoying layout which causes some links to open up in the tiny window in the middle.

Why bother doing it this way at all? Noone is going to read a full-page article in a 320x200 pixel window - they should just have them open up in a new browser instance or tab by default.