Webber can NOT be allowed to shoot

the ball more than any other Kings player in any particular game.

Faggot took the most shots for the Kings on Saturday and sucked a huge cock while doing so.

Webber finished 6 for 17 from the field. I wonder how many of those were stupid jumpshots that his pussy little bitch self just couldn't pass up.

Peja finished 9 for 16 from the field and was the reason the Kings were able to come back and win.

I'm sure that before this season is even halfway through Webber will have already caused me to claw my fucking eyeballs out. I swear, I fucking hate that scumbag.

tell us how u really feel.Heck Im in NY either the Nets or Knicks would take Webber

Then I'll have the Maloof's get on the horn immediately, lol. Seriously though, Webber should never lead the Kings in shot attempts per game. Something needs to be done about this.

As a Mavs fan. I see no problems!


lol @ those experts!!!! It's funny, in the start of the last two seasons for the Kings Webber has been injured on the bench and the Kings kicked fucking ASS. Cut his fucking head off and bring in Songaila!!!!!!!

Lakers are winning!!!!!!!!!..F the queens..Webber is the best as long as he's on your team!!!

I heard Webber increased his vertical in the offseason.He can now get a full 10 inches off the ground, but I have my doubts.

The vertical increase is cool, if he actually decides to play down in the post (like a REAL power forward) instead of just elevating a tad higher before launching another brick of a jump shot. That punk ass joke.

hah, NO.

Poor Tyra..She should be with me..lol


hahahah, true.

In a morbid way, I'll enjoy watching that wanksta ruin the Kings season. And nobody is fucking stupid enough to take that contract off the Kings hands, not even the Bricks.

If you actually meant to type Stephon, and if by Stephon you meant Stephon Marbury, then you should BAN yourself.

shawns, the Knicks are quite possibly the most retarded big money spending organization in history, don't get ahead of yourself. ;)

Good point, though that drunk shitheel Mullin is doing his best to emulate them.


shit, sorry, I forgot to add that tonight once again reinforces what this thread is all about.

as will the next 80 games, which will be unadulterated misery for W's and Kings fans.