Webber For MVP!!!!!!!!!!

Long live the Tim Duncan killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all.




nope, webber bitching duncan is though.


"nope, webber bitching duncan is though."

Hahahahha, so true. All up in that ass.

And ptm is correct.

Me either, sucks.

i don't think floppy is in sac.

and isn't davis in dallas?

Hell no I don't live in Sacramento. lol, I'm way down south in beautiful Santa Barbara.

the ONLY consolation of living in Sac is watching the Kings glorious victories over the godless Spurs.

haha, sometimes I think about moving there just so I can catch all the games.

You really don't wanna do that.


lol, I know, but still, the dream never dies. hah

Webber for MVP!!!!!

Nah, I'd have to go with Vlade.

F u texass people!! California beats yur states ass in everything!!! USC will prove that tonight!!

USC would kill them.

Bitches stop your hijacking. This thread is just about the NBA's next and greatest MVP Chris Webber.