Webber is such a douche

"I definitely wanted to get Cuttino involved," Webber said. "He and I were sitting on the bench talking about how good our (starting) five is and how he is going to bring scoring to us, how I want my assists to go up and how I want his scoring to go up."

Mabye Webber should be asking him about how to improve on defense, since CWebb has none.

LoL I love that quote. Truely Chris is a fine leader and MVP.

It really is an incredible quote isn't it?? lol, it's absolutely incredible. That fucking bum.

""Their defense was very tough on Timmy," said San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich,"


Timmy is hurt dicktucker. He has been hurt for a while now.

Just what the Kings needed, more jump shooters.

lol @ quick, what happened to him??

bob, you were calling this a good trade for the Kings just the other day. :) Mobley can take it to the hoop as well though.

Chris Webber had a season-high 36 points and 10 rebounds.

!!!!!!! CHOKE ON THAT FLOPPY!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget his 5 turnovers!! and I'll bet he just let the Clippers go right to the hoop after each of his baskets. At this point I'd say that Peja is a better defender than him. heh

yea that's true at the moment. Kamen had a truly Shaq-like performance against him. OTOH, he shouldn't have been guarding the Clip's center. OTOOH, it shouldn't have mattered cuz it's fucking Chris Kamen.

"lol @ quick, what happened to him??"

He hurt his hip. He only has the ups of Webber at the moment. ;)

lol, ngj is correct.

It IS a good trade for the Kings. Christie has been getting old for a while now.

You are correct.

"Christie has been getting old for a while now."


lol @ Jacob I just saw that pic on nba.com, the "my buddy" song popped into my mind instantly.