Webber or Rasheed??

Lets see if some of you can put your hatred for either of these guys aside for a moment and decide who you'd rather have if you had to pick between one of these guys to be your power forward.

I'm torn between them and would like to hear some good reasons. I don't know much about Rasheed's game.

webber, better passer, smoother game. Webber can also keep his head in the game

"I wouldn't want either of them."

Yeah, I know that not many people here would, that's why I say if you had to pick between these two.

lol, I guess I'd go with Webber based on what's being said. The only thing I really like about Rasheed is that he can shoot the three.

LOL!! I dunno, I think Webber might be the better 3 shooter of the two.

And I like Vlade a lot but I think Peja's probably my favorite player on the Kings. :)

No, Vlade's not second, and I'm not sure if Peja's my favorite player in the NBA, but probably. He seems to be improving a lot even though his stats don't say the same. lol

LOL!!! Just cause I was very happy for them to win at the Worlds doesn't mean that they are both my favorite players in the NBA. :)

I just don't like a few of the guys who were on the USA team as well. Paul Pierce is one of them, Jermaine Oneal is another, there are more too. :)

What!?..finally you have found a player more disliked than Webber..I would still choose Wallace..Webber can't win by himself..I believe Wallace can.

Jermaine Oneal's a good player, I just don't like him.

"Webber can't win by himself..I believe Wallace can."

You really think so about Wallace??

I believe Wallace can still be "tamed" by a good coach like Jackson..Webber i believe is stuck in his ways..He a player who will not step up like a Kobe and take over his team..he is a roleplayer instead of the team leader..Wallace is like that piece of iron..given the right coach..can be a great weapon...maybe never the team leader..but a co-leader

That's interesting wolfdeth, never thought of it like that regarding Wallace.

But Webber actually has stepped up late in a few games this year, but I see what you're saying and agree with it for the most part.

LOL @ PusherMan!!! I fuckin love the name Floppy Divac!!

I agree with all of your comments on Webber and Rasheed souljacker.

LOL!! That's going too far now dude!!! :)


Been there :)

Get the fuck outta here with such nonsense!! lol :)

Or miss free throws like him either.

Skill wise, sheed hands down.....but his head is no where to be found.....

webber plays too soft...settles for too many jumpers, he has a nice little jump hook now and he should go to it more often....stop settling for jumpers..or at least drive to the basket....

sheed in the post is a monster.....but he needs to stop shooting the J's as well.....drive to the hoop or post...

both should shoot a jumper once in a while to keep the defenders honest but take it to the rack more...please.....god gave them both size, strenght, and speed....use it.....

Shakobe is correct, except Webber is pretty sluggish imo.

Forget Webber. Doug Christie is the best shooting guard to ever play basketball, period. My all-time all-basketball first team is definately Bibby, Christie, Stojakovich, Webber, and Divac.