Webcast CityBoxing Smoker

The webcast address for this weekends Tourney will be http://judgementday.silnarmedia.com

It will begin to function Friday March 12th at 10 pm....so you have time to see which of the 2 cam pages works best for you...please do not leave it on all night and kill bandwith.......Enjoy....courtesy of City Boxing! Spread the Word


This is cool.. watch so cal no gi competition on the site.. good job Rude

Plus some kickboxing smokers

plus you get to see the Infamous rude5321 get tapped .....allot!

Will your entrance be available to the public?




I will be there coaching one of our guys.

Good job on hooking up a webcast.

Did you guys invite Reyes Kickboxing.. I know they are looking for smokers...

Dean's pretty cool with the Reye's guys.so I would
imagine they know

Cool, more of these webcasts need to occur. Good luck with the tourney...