Website for improving Footwork?

Are there any websites I can use as a reference to try and improve my footwork? Any drills/exercises/plyometrics etc.???



ok. thanks. i already do that.


Then just do it more. Nothing gets your footwork better faster than jumping rope, staying on your toes and light, and doing the same while shadow boxing.

Try different angles and switch up your movements

Thanks man. But I know that. I was hoping for some more drills (i.e. plyometrics and the such), but I do appreciate your advice. I will do more jump roping and shadow boxing.


when you run do lots of tricky stuff as you go. turn in circles at full speed, all the while staying balanced and in control. at full speed go from running straight into a side shuffle, into running backwards, and turning into a side shuffle from the other side, etc etc. add a little punching and setting in, in there and it turns into a nice little footwork excercise. helps a lot with balance. just be creative and test your agility in different ways.


ttt for some more insight.

Forum member Buddie once posted about doing squares, where you basically move around an imaginary square on the floor by using proper footwork.

IIRC, he said to shoot for something like 100 times around the square. For variety, you can change directions (move clockwise for 50 turns, then counterclockwise for 50 turns) and the size of the square.

You can also play around with varying the speeds that you use each turn of the square.