Website problem with Mac

Please view this page:

One of our client's colleague, who works or has some affiliation with apple, gave us some feedback regarding the website we setup for them. Apparently our site looks fine on the new Safari browser but horrible on IE. Something about bad alignment and grainy graphics.

Anyways... does anyone have any idea what the problem is? Could you please let me know if you are seeing the same problems on IE....?

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it


I'm not using a Mac but when i looked at the site using IE, it looked ok. Then i looked at it using Netscape 7.1 and you can see that the alignment is off a little between the banner and the links at the top of the page. I've had the same problem with Netscape when i use CSS to put borders around tables. Still haven't figured out why that happens.

Dont know if that's the kind of help you were looking for but this may be another problem you may want to consider fixing.

Thanks for the input. It looks like I'll have to make sure I'm not relying on borders as they are not supported consistently browser to browser.

Can someone on Mac IE please take a look and comment on whether the graphics on the page are "grainy". Thanks!

I looked at it in Mac IE and the graphics didn't look grainy but the
alignment was indeed horrible. So much so that I wouldn't even
bother trying to navigate this site. Send me an email at if you want me to send you a screen shot of
how bad it looks.

Can you post your CSS? I'm almost positive I know what your problem is/was, but I need to check the code to be entirely sure. Borders are not supported consistantly across browsers, but hacks can be employed to work around browsers that parse CSS improperly.

I believe everything was entered through Dreamweaver. I don't have a problem with needing changes to css but it sounds like there are other problems.

well, looks like I'm going to have to get this fixed in the next day or at least by the end of the week... any easy hacks to the css to get this working are greatly appreciated

suioryu, I just sent an email your way requesting a screenshot. Thanks!

I tested in Netscape 4.7 and could see some obvious issues with layout and links not working. I removed the styles that Dreamweaver said could cause a problem, mostly borders and padding, and it renders much better in Navigator 4.7 with form field size causing the only major layout problem

not sure if it would resolve the Mac issue but I would hope

what a headache... html sucks

Yeah, the problem is what I thought. You aren't using the Box Model Hack. Mozilla/Netscape are actually displaying your CSS *correctly* -- its IE/Windows that renders the box model incorrectly. However, since IE is rather ubiquitous, people usually think its the other way around.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution. For a full explanation of the problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it, please read the following:

thanks, hopefully this will be the answer (sounds like it)