Website to sell or buy used BJJ/MMA gear

Just getting the word out on a website focused on selling or buying used BJJ/MMA gear . Free to join, and free to list .

If you have any gear you don't need and don't want to pay the Ebay prices to list, consider listing it here and feel free to let others know you have items for sale.

As the items grow so will the audience .

A free service provided by grapplers, for grapplers.

Some new items listed

Just listed new ProMMA Kimono size A3 $85 + shipping ,

White Padilla & Sons Ultra Light BJJ Kimono ( England listing ) £50 which is roughly $80 USD,

Rio No Gi shorts sz 34 $25, Bushido Apparel shorts blk/yellow sz 34 $25,

Bushido Apparel shorts red/yellow sz 34 $25 ,

Ronin Brand Gold Class BJJ Gi sz A4 $79,

Tapout Team Rampage from The Ultimate Fighter shorts sz 34 $25 ...