Website Up! 20% Off All Knives for UG Members!

Heads up everyone! Well, after much longer than I'd like to think about I've finally got my website done and as of a few hours ago I am online and in business! Check out (snazzy title eh?)for functional art, made with my little 4 lb hammer. I forge every blade,old USA high carbon steel exclusively,no stainless,all types of beautiful handle materials to compliment the rugged finish of the blades. I make all types of knives and now that the site is finally up new knives will constantly be added and I'm going to let my imagination go,so keep a constant eye out for more! ..and for the first 30 days, all knives will be 20% off for all UG members and members of our Armed Services abroad, so take a look and take advantage of my opening prices!

I accept all major credit cards and Paypal, and each knife has a 10 day money back guarantee if not satisfied!

Hope to do business with you soon,thanks and enjoy! -Don Bishop aka mrnemo- Bladesmith


 ttt for

Thank you KidJustice!

I like the railroad spike knives. They've got a sort of post-apocalyptic charm.

 luv knives


Squared Circle - I like the railroad spike knives. They've got a sort of post-apocalyptic charm.

Thanks! Actually I have a semi-post-apocaliptic mindset when making my knives so it makes sense lol.The spike knives are my most popular, feel surprisingly comfortable in either hand, permanent handles I personally guarantee will never come off! They hold a good edge as well,all the photos have grey forged finishes,I can shine them up too and if you're not in the mood to disembowel your enemies, you can just knock their teeth out with the butt end instead :D


Those look like some great knives Nemo. I wish I had some extra cash to get some. Best of luck on the new business though.

Dude i like them, and i like the fact that most are from other things. the Cleaver is bad ass

tikmovado -  I do like the

Boxelder Crosscut


Leopardwood Skinner

After looking....they grow on you.

I agree on both counts. Not usually my style, but these are really fantastic. You are quite an artist. I like the re-use of vintage saw blades, reminds me of David Boyes' work.


very cool

 wow...i really like your style.   Very different and very cool

Deuce77 - Who needs knives when you can pull guard?

I'll hold the knife,you pull guard, let's see what happens >:)

Cool style. You should make a killing at local gun shows. Let us know how it goes.


Love this

Those are all sweet!

 Which knives do EvilMaster & Fugazi reccommend for the apocalyptic times ahead?

Someone should sponsor a UG knife fight for a blue name.