WEC 135lbs Rumors


So I stumbled across this. I think it would be very cool to see the McCall vs. Bedard fight. Both of these fighters are up and comers that are coming off of losses.

Bedard lost to Torres (current champ) in September and McCall lost to Valencia in December (top contender).

Both of these guys took these fights on less than 2 weeks notice to fill in for somebody that backed out.

WEC and UFC have a reputation for taking care of their folks that step up on short notice, so it would make a lot of sense to see these guys fight in March or real soon thereafter. It's kinda odd that Bedard hasn't fought since September after taking the fight on short notice and McCall would be a tough fight to shake the ring rust off with, but it would still be an interesting battle.

Get Joey Marimberga signed already and have him sub McCall and then fight Bedard.

Good stuff!

Bedard should get right back in the win column. All fights at this level are tough, but Bedard is seasoned and tough as nails. With ample time to train, Jeff can take anyone at 135. Jeff by GnP.

TTT for Bedard. When are we gonna see him again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on WEC

I appreciate the support and can't wait to fight again.

bedards the man! old as dirt but the man.. TTT 4 jeffro


shhh..dont start any rumors you guys...how old are we?

I looked up Joey Marimberga on Sherdog. He doesn't have that many fights and the only opponent I recognized was Pennington who he lost a decision to.

McCall and Bedard both have bigger wins and more experience. His day will come, but right now I want to see these two slug it out.

Maybe even see Bedard win by submission!

McCall vs. Bedard

Tapia vs. Bowles

Maeda vs. _____?

Let Maeda fight Banuelos. Since he is buddies with Chuck they are going to let him keep fighting no matter how many times he loses.

Marimberga is 3-1 as a pro. His only loss as an ammy was to Micah Miller in his debut, and his only loss as a pro was to JC in a fight that Joey gave up about 35 pounds and won the first round and lost a VERY close decision.
At 135 he has never been beaten.

Trust me, he would take McCall's arm home and mount it on his mantle. A fight with Bedard would be great and there has been some rumor's criculating here in Birmingham that a few local promoters are trying to make it happen.

Did you just say that Marimberga gave up 35 lbs to JC? Is he 12? JC is a quality fighter, but I wouldn't consider him all that "big".

WEC REALLY needs to show us Bedard. Scout mentioned Benuelos and how he keeps getting fights no matter what (buddies with Chuck I presume) -- didn't Bedard beat Benuelos already anyway? WEC needs to realize that Bedard is who we want to see!

"I appreciate the support"

If we cant be athletes, we can certainly be athletic supporters!

A loss to Micah is nothing to be ashamed of.

I'm loving the lighter weight classes more and more. 135 and 145 are stacked full of talent and they generally have more exciting fights. Better conditioning, better technique, more scrappy.

Any of the fights that Fabes mentioned would be great showcases for the 135 division.

Osawa will kick a$$ :D

ttt for 135lbs. Need TUF like show for 135 and 145 and get Joey Marimberga (screen name Joey101) in the big show!

Gotta assume either Maeda or Tapia will get the next shot at Torres.

I am glad that a big promotion in the US finally decided to showcase the lighter fighters. We've been watching Torres here in the midwest for years and beleive me, he will be tough to beat. The whole 135lb division is stacked with talent, and just like Torres, I am sure there are guys out there fighting under the radar on smaller shows with an immense amount of talent. Props to the WEC

LOL Morgz......"If we cant be athletes, we can certainly be athletic supporters" Morgz is the biggest athletic supporter I know :)

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TTT for Bedard

At least somebody got it. I figured you tough guys would have seen "Grease" (pretty sure that is where the quote is from).

NCAA92 -- shopping in the kids section?