WEC 43 Youngstown Hotels

I am headed out to Youngstown for WEC 43, and I am wondering if people know of a good hotel to stay at in the area.

Does anyone know what hotel the fighters will be staying at?

Yeah, it would be cool to run into a couple of fighters and get a picture with them, but I am more concerned with finding a decent hotel near the arena. I am assuming that the fighters would be staying somewhere close and somewhere nice.

No disrespect to Youngstown, I have never been there, but I am not able to find any 3 or 4 star hotels in the city. All of the decent hotels are outside the city, and I could use some suggestions on finding a place.

Red Roof Inn is pretty nice.

Thanks Nanook and Fighting.

Fighting - Stay off of Route 46 in Austintown. Short Drive to venue. Don't stay near the venue as the city is surrounded by ghetto on 4 sides.

Canfild, Boardman, or Austintown are safe bests. Decent hotels, safe areas.

This! Youngstown is shitty -- be careful.

Contrary to the theme developing on this thread... you will not get eaten alive by Zombies if you stay at a hotel in Youngstown.

That said, you may die of boredom if you stay in Y-Town. Also, there are nicer places to stay (as mentioned) with some more stuff to do.