WEC announces best card ever!!!

October 14th, The Palace Indian Gaming Center Lemoore California-

Ricco Rodriguez, Vernon Tiger White, Gil Castillo, Alex Stiebling, Jimmy Armbriz are all scheduled for the upcoming WEC Halloween Card on October 14th.

"We continue to step up each card we do and this is the biggest card to date.." stated WEC President Scott Adams.

A stacked four man Light Heavweight Championship will take place in addition to these matches.

4 Man Tournament
- Justin Levens (Marco Ruas) vs Jorge Olivera (Chute Box)
- Tim McKenzie (Cesar Gracie)vs Scott Smith

WEC October 14th Card
- Alex Steibling vs Vernon "Tiger" White
- Ricco Rodriguez vs Jimmy Ambriz
- Gil Castillo vs Mike Pyle
- Gabe Ruediger vs Sam Wells
- Lavar Johnson vs Rafael Del Real
- Poppies Martinez vs Robert Breslin
- Steve Ramierz vs Josh Green

Every WEC show at The Palace has sold out. With this stacked card it's guaranteed to sell out before the show starts. Pick up your tickets at WEC.TV or the Palace at 1-866-4-Palace

McKenzie wins the tourney

I thought Chris Lytle was fighting Joe Riggs at UFC 55.

Thanks for posting the info.  Excited to see how Jorge "VAn Damme" Oliveira does.  I never got to see his figth against Shonie but I heard he was impressive with his Muay Thai and never even had to go to the ground (bjj black belt).  The rest of the card looks great too.



What does Ninja's post have to do with this thread? Are my eyes decieving me or is Hector ot even on the WEC card. So why mention it?

Or are you just looking for attention?

I agree that it is the best card ever.I can only hope & pray that it stays the way it is,and nobody has to drop out.


Hector will be the next Dave Terrel. Losers and pretenders like yourself will hype him up only to see him get embarassed by a big name and have the forum rejoice while you decrease your masterbation schedule in honor of him to once a day.

It's the best WEC card ever, anyways.....


Suck it up bro & make this show.You can always ride with me if gas money or transportation is a problem.

Olivera looked great against Shonie... but he also looked huge against Shonie. He should get passed Levens and make a nice fight for Mckenzie in the finals.

Reed stole this article. He will now have to pay me on his next slot machine win.


" Is this the Hector Munoz that lost to Ray Steinbiess?? "


Gotta say I went to last WEC and it was my first one and it was a GREAT event! Warrior Wear will be at the Oct 14th event as well we would not miss it! Get your tickets now as everyone sells OUT!!


About 5,000 people.

nice card.

Scott are you guys ever coming back to the East Coast???


Elbe, that is the same Hector Munoz, I really don't know who this clown is that keeps hyping him up, when I talked to him he was a standup guy. Hector is a tough guy and will do well in all his fights. My picks for this WEC are

Mckenzie to win the tourney

Steibling over White by sub

Eastman by TKO over Lober

Ricco by Sub over Armbritz

Pyle by Choke over Castillo

All in all this is a great card and I hope all the fights go as planned.

maybe since im gonna miss the bushido tourny, which is not being broadcast on cable indemand until a two-month delay in november, ill go to this one instead

ttt for the mondayshiftas!