WEC announces best card ever!!!

ninja, just don't try jacking a thread that has
nothing to do with your boy. makes you both look bad.

nobody knows who he is so you're coming off on some
Manny reyes type shit.

let his fighting do the talking for him.

This is not just the best WEC card ever, its a great card! Im excited to be a part of it

Very good card. Congrats. Hope it holds.

Godzilla email me.

Great card!

Lober! and Ambriz v Ricco will shake the place down.

Can we get Reed a different colored name?

Elbe, I think your right. I think Ray handed Hector his ass after about 2 months of training. Im not saying that Hector is not any good, but let him work his way up legitimately and save the hype train.

Santino DeFranco

Looks like Ricco is really trying to get back in the big show. He has been fighting some pretty big names on the indy circuit latley.


What the WEC needs to setup is Ricco Vs Monson


Thank you guys for the support. I can't wait to put on a great show for you all.

I can't wait to see GODZILLA go out there and kick some ass... avenge his only loss.

Mr. Bennett, you will have mail in a minute



Why doesn't Reed have a silver name? If he will come on here and post more I'll buy him a blue, since he can't afford to buy his own.

Melissa rocks.

i think it will be me an McKenzie in the final...i hope i win this is all of are chance to see the big show


Good Luck to you and the rest of the guys. I know you'll come prepared. This is an outstanding opportunity, and I'm very excited to be able to host the tournament.

The Palace