WEC eyes PPV, Reality TV

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                                WEC eyes PPV, Reality TV

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Pay-per-views and a reality television show are still in the plans for the WEC to further its viability as the lighter weight version of the UFC.

WEC general Reed Harris said Thursday that the WEC is actively looking to enter the pay-per-view market in 2010, but when will all depend on how effective it is in the near future when it comes to building anticipated fights through its free telecasts on Versus.

"What we know as a company is that we need to have very compelling fights in order to have a successful pay-per-view and that's what we're working towards on our free TV side," Harris said. "We're going to be providing fights in the next few months that will be compelling and also make sense as far as who is in line to fight the best in the WEC and once we determine that then we will have those guys on pay-per-view and fight it out."

The WEC currently has three events planned past next week's WEC 43 event, headlined by an interim lightweight title bout between Donald Cerrone and Ben Henderson. WEC 44 in November will feature Mike Brown defending his featherweight belt against Jose Aldo and WEC 45 and 46 will happen in December and January, respectively. The plan for December is to have lightweight champ Jamie Varner take on the winner of Cerrone-Henderson to unify the lightweight belts.

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