WEC Fight of the NIGHT!!!!!

I wasnt there but I hear Mr. Swanson and Micah Miller were awarded "fight of the Night"!

 From all accounts it sounds as though it was a war! The fact that they were awarded fight of the night only confirms it!

  Good luck to Cub in his future endevors and To Micah as well.

  Someone had to lose and tonight Cub came out on top. Theres no shame in this for Micah because Mr. Swanson is obviously very talented(as Micah is too) and they BOTH must have been fighting their hearts out to get the nod for the night.

  As someone mentioned before, Micah left it all out in the cage! Too bad it wasnt televised.

 On another note, I believe I predicted it could and probably would be "FIGHT OF THE NIGHT"!!!

"WAR" to both camps and fighters!


Tim you must be very proud.  just remind him it takes two to make it the fight of the night.  lm

Mr Hedges himself, been a long time.

Mr. Hedges,

 I couldn't be there tonight but I am sure it must have been something to see. Im sure the next time either  of those guys fight it will be a fan favorite as well.