WEC Free TV ON Saturday

World Extreme Cagefighting will air it's "Heavyweight Explosion"
Heavyweight tournament LIVE on HDNET at 7:00 P.M. Pacific (11:00
P.M. East Coast) this Saturday night January 22nd. The card will run 60
minutes and feature 2 heavyweight elimination bouts with the winners
fighting in a "winner take all" championship fight.

Calling the event for HDNET will be the WEC broadcasting team of Jeff
Blatnik, Ryan Bennent and Stephen Quadros "The Fight Professor". A
new addition to the WEC team in the ring will be announcer Jimmy

One of the elements of our shows is that we always match up guys
whose styles make for an exciting fight. This tournament should be a
slugfest states WEC President Scott Adams. In fact, because of the
power these guys have and the chance that some of these fights could
go quick, we have a couple of other fights ready to go should we need
them to fill the hour.

HDNET is now available on Direct TV, DISH NETWORK AND COMCAST.
To get HDNET, you will need a high definition television, a high
definition receiver (some satellite services are offering them free at this
point), and you will have to subscribe to the high definition package.
On my system (direct TV) it’s approx. $4 a month and includes a bunch
of high definition channels (including HBO high def) as well as
HDNET...so it’s definitely worth the 4 bucks. And now, HDNET will
feature WEC13 free to subscribers of the package.

These fights alone would be worth the price of a PPV, but instead they
will be offered to all the subscribers for free. If you don’t have a high
definition system, you won’t believe the detail and clarity once you see
it. Also, HDNET allows bars and clubs that subscribe to run the events
free, so if you check around, you should be able to check out the show
even if you don't have a high def. system yet.

For more information, and full details of the card, go to www.wec.tv.

"I wish I had HDNET"


"I wish I had HDNET"


I wish they were showing more than an hour!

It's the HD Channel owned buy Mark Cubin!

I can't wait, I saw the last two and the fights look great. Thanks for
making this available.


The live event will only be an hour, but they will tape the remaining fights on the card and broadcast them in the coming weeks.


HDNET is free? Cool!

Will be watching!



I called bars until I found 1 that had it. And if you saw me cornering Riggs, I'm not really that fat. The camera adds 100 pounds.

Please post when the new footage is out, I'm horrible on checking my listings but look here every day.

Thanks Reed.


channel on directv?


Not this time, I'm waiting for 52. I did meet a gal at the gym I practice
jujitsu named Carla and she said you were her instructor for quite a

Tonight on Time Warner cable!

I have comcast and I don't have HDNet. We have INHD and INHD 2 on my comcast system. As far as I know HDNet is only on satellite.