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Start it here. Who do you fuckers have winning tonight?? Any SN bets??

Go Urijah!

I see Grispi taking this..but I have a ton of respect for Jens

Trying to get my Dad to sit and watch the fights with me. Had him just watch Faber v. Brown I to get him excited. Hopefully he'll stick around for the next 2 hours.

I'm sure he will..some of the most exciting fighters on this card.

Go Little Evil!

Jens bring da heat!

lets go pulver!

Grispi has some good stuff...should be a great fight! I'm glad KenFlo is commentating. I'd rather listen to im over Mir anyday of the week lol

Grispi by TKO Rd 1

Here We Go!!!

loved the prefight talk, especially where pulver was talking about guys trying to counter off his left but hes gonna throw it anyway lol

Frikinggggg Stoked!!!!

Come on Jens! You can do it!


aww fuck, this is sad.....

 fuuuuuuck jens!

Wow :(

God Damn It!!!

Fuck sakes!!!!