WEC Match Maker & President?

Will Dana and Joe Silva be the president and matcmaker of wec now that zuffa has bought it? I think that would be a lot of work for them to handle since they doing so many ufc events.

Im not a fan of joe silvas match making. I hate to see first timers fight guys with 3 or 4 fights in the UFC. which always seems to happen. not always but most of the time.But then I'm sure he doesn't have total control of this either.

madsexy1: one of the reasons for the UFC taking over WEC is to avoid
that problem. it will be a breeding ground, and allow guys to be ready
when they get to the octagon

I would love to fight in the WEC at 145.

Scott Adams remains as President

Faber says that the WEC will feature 145lbs and 135lbs weight classes.