WEC Needs New Music/Graphics Badly

p.o.s. fightwear pretty much sums it up

wait it's actually different now. damn they were quick to act on the p.o.s. fightwear spot lol.

they still need to make the old theme for wec wreckages vanish though

Not a fan of the tribal tat?

 it's like the screen gets more and more inked up as the intros roll.  So hardcore.

the music was really the worst part as bad sound is really bad. SO glad that's gone.

honestly the presentation is bearable now, good changes made overall. everything's basically the same as ufc ppv except blue cage posts and no goldie, which should make most on here happy

some of the cameramen need to zoom out though. maybe they're trying to make the fighters look bigger but most people aren't watching this in widescreen

fiercedragon - always good fights and you fags keep bitchin...

i'm not bitching about the fights moran. and the fights aren't just good they are awesome