WEC on MTV Jan. 16th Need Fighter!

I have two guys that would fit the mold! Both beginners and young exciting fighters.


Jake Thunder Hattan

Hey Beth,

What time will it be on in the PST Zone on Feb 12th?

I think it airs at 10 pm on the East Coast and West Coast. I will find out for sure when the February schedule is up.

They replay the show about 25 times. LOL, I hope it's good.

Ok thankyou.I will watch MTV at 7:00, and 10:00.

No Crowbar...It's on at 10 pm on both coasts. It's delayed in the West.

I think someone's is looking for a lam for the chopping board to get good "someone's getting the shit kicked out of them" film for mtv

fuck it!! live to fight, fight to live.... If there payin I'm in!!!

"u guys r fucking idiots
who cares if MTV sux its exposure for the sport"

Shutup you little mtv baby. lol

I was just saying that so,I would be sure not to miss it, but thankyou for the heads up Saucylv33.Do you prefer Saucylv33 or Beth by the way?

Either one is fine but I definately like to be Saucylv after the event is over. LOL

TTT for WEC, good job.

R U a 12 year old girl? U sure do type like 1.

Learn to type, kthxbye

how about Gilbert Melendez?

MARCUS HICKS at 155 lbs-
from dallas Texas~! Best 155 in the world!

TTT for TIKI VS SHANNON "The Cannon"

ttt for WEC and MTV

Kid Cody BOLLINGER sponsored By OUTKAST
12 years old,7 years mixed martial arts exp
all american wrestler,jiujitsu, judo boxing
Weighs 105 ripped loves the game
WILL fight Pancration style exhibition match
MTV would eat this up!!Great demographics 12-17
Trains under Phillip Miller Joe stevenson Tedd williams clinic exp with oleg,Javi,dan henderson heath sims,Ian freeman,and multiple olympic wrestlers
Only loss in jiu jitsu was when going up 15 lbs division
Undefeated Grapplers quest champ 2000 in his weight div.
four time state champ freestyle wrestling
Undefeated in folktyle wrestling
contact ERRNCCT@aol.com