WEC reults, did lytle win

Did lytle win his fight last night?, please give a discription of the fight. Congrats to Alex for his win.

Shonie won, not sure about Lytle, but don't think he fought.

Lytle was out awhile ago....

How was the YVES fight, surprised to see it went the distance...

Yves won total domintation is what i have read. Figured he got the ko but maybe not. Damn thats fast response, i posted 5 min ago. ANy discriptions of alex's fight. Thanks.

Stiebling won via trinagle in rd 2.


was the broke wrist from a throw?

funny thing is shonie broke his wrist just a month ago at shidokan

Hats off to Joe Riggs~!everyone can get caught.
Az has tough fighters~!

How did Kerri cheat?

Big props to Chris Leben in KO'ing the guy! I hope he gets his shot now- he's beaten everyone so far...Big victory for the Gladiator Challenge middleweight and new WEC MW champ!

Kerri soccer kicked AJ on the ground then they gave AJ
some time to recompose herself. They went to the
ground again and AJ pulled Kerri into a deep armbar
then Kerri panikced and dropped an intentional knee to
the head which she was DQ'd for. Kerri Crothers
trainer was an asshole too as he applauded her and
told her that even though she got DQ'd she left her
opponent laying in the ring.

From: PM1964

"Crothers kicked the Hawaiian girl in the face while she was down. Long delay while the doctor checked her out. The Hawaiian girl goes for an armbar after they finally get started and Crothers picks her up and slams her, coming down with a knee in her face. DQed for her second flagrant foul."

From: Erin Toughill (fightergirls forum)

"Lemme first say that it was really nice to meet AJ - she is a sweetheart!Second, Kerri DID get DQ'd for one soccer kick to the head and then she dropped a shin to her face after the armbar attempt.
She deserved to get DQ'd.

I guess my question is if AJ's camp knew anything about Kerri. Sure she had no MMA fights - but she had WAY too much ring experience. It just was not a good matchup. I really felt for her....

I did not get a chance to talk w/ her after the fight (she got taken out on a stretcher) but I wanna say I am really proud of her. This sport is not for everyone - but she got in there despite how she felt. Hope she's OK."

Apparently, they were trying to feed this kickboxing poster girl (Keri Crothers) a W, and found AJ... who's never been in the ring before. What a shitty way to debut. I hope AJ continues to train and compete, and I hope she is ok. Crothers will get what's comin' to her... what goes around comes around.

-Tara LaRosa

First of all the fight between Crothers and Jenkins
was agreed at 140. When we get to the weigh-ins they
told AJ that the "modified" weight class is 135-150???
AJ dropped weight but Crothers came in Heavy.

Kevin hope you don't mind I copy & pasted your post on sherdog for all the people who think Keri is some fucking queen.

Is this event going to be available on DVD???

To answer a few questions/comments...

Kerry first kicked her opponent in the face while she was down, and then after powering out of an armbar, dropped a hard knee across her face while she was down...two fouls in like two minutes, so she got DQ'd, she looked real tough though.

Shonie's opponent was scrambling away from him, trying to pull guard, and Shonie backed away to let him up and all of a sudden he was holding his wrist and supposedly it was broken.

Yves dominated, his opponent can take a lot of punnishment.

Congrat to Leben, that dude took three hard shots on the chin before landing the KO shot, super nice guy too

And the Riggs fight...holy shit! That dude needs to learn some submission defense, because he beat the SHIT out of Steibling, I could not believe the fight wasn't stopped...I was right at cageside and Riggs splattered Steibling's blood all over us, he must have been half dead when he slapped that triangle.

But nothing compares to the Olaf fight. Talk about a bloodbath, we had to cover up with the tablecloth where we were sitting.

Good job Alex.. Lots of heart!!



the olaf fight was very good.