WEC...starts at 8 or 9?

Website says 8, but ComCast says 9. WTF??! Anyone know?

 8 est

WTF is up with ComCast lately?!?! They can't get anything right. They have WEC's Greatest KOs from 8-9 listed.

My friend just told me that, I have Verizon FIOS and it's starting at 8pm for me.

Thanks guys....

Thanks guys, I also have greatest knockouts listed.

6pst on comcast?

 started at 5 here

 i got the east coast feed on my direcTV just for this very reason. watch the WEC, then still have time to go to the bar and watch the Lakers game..

FUCKIN COMCAST!!!!! I got home from work and have missed the first hour cause the dvr was set to record at 6 (Pacific). I hate when they do this shit.