WEC Tonight 9 ET It's ON VS. Free

Live tonight from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas-It;s WEC XXXI on Versus!

Three titles on the line plus the Pulver/Swanson superfight.

Free show airs live beginning at 6:00 PST and 9:00 EST. Go to Versus.com to check your local listings for cable and satellite in your area.

WEC and Versus, It's On!

Urijah Faber v. Jeff Curran

Paulo Filho v. Chael Sonnen

Jens Pulver v. Cub Swanson

Doug Marshall v. Ariel Gandulla

Marcos Galvao v. Brian Bowles

Alex Karalexis v. Ed Ratcliff

Charlie Valencia v. Ian McCall

John Alessio v. Todd Moore

Bryan Baker v. Eric Schambari

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At the weigh ins, Jens and Cub looked like were going to go at it right there...this should be a war!



Anyone know what channel, or if Time Warner Cable carries this station? (I'm in Los Angeles, if that helps!)

Anyone know a site with live odds lines for the fights?



I'm not sure about LA, but Time Warner Cincinnati does not carry the Versus network. They've got a channel finder on their website if you want to check it out.

IS the doug marshall the first fight televised??

Anyone know what fights are televised?

i'm guessing the title fights + pulver/swanson...

ttt for Jeff

ttt what portion of the card is televised. Really need to see the Bowles vs Galvao fight.


Thanks Zuffa

Anyone getting a signal from versus/tvu? It says the channel's loading but nothings really happening