WEC= UFC Feeder show

I know that Zuffa is claiming otherwise, but the early evidence suggests that the UFC will be loaded with up and comers and UFC castoffs. This isn't neccesarily a bad thing. I think it's a great idea for the UFC to have a minor league system. Maybe they can get some of the their TUF guys from the the WEC.

According to MMAweekly, this is the card so far:

Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

-Rob McCullough vs. Kit Cope

-Urijah Faber vs. TBA

-Jorge Olivera vs. TBA

-Lodune Sincaid vs. TBA

The UFC had already recruited plenty of fighters from the WEC before they decided to buy them.


Christian has said that The Tachi Palace will continue to bring MMA`s to The Tachi Palace.Which promotion it is...I have no idea.

Hey folks,
First I and the rest of the Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino are very proud of our relationship with the WEC and are very excited for Reed and Scott. The WEC will really flourish and grow to amazing levels under their new ownership.

The Tachi-Yokut tribe and the Palace made a strong commitment to the sport of MMA and with that said, we have created the Palace Fighting Championship. Our show will employ a 5 roped ring, exciting up and coming fighters and established veterans of the every major MMA org, generous fighter purses and bonuses, 3 minute rounds which give fighters lesstime to stall and gas, and an extremely progressive audio, video and lighting experience. As well as a few other elements not traditionally found in most shows.

Our 1st event is January 18th, tickets are priced at $20, $30 and $40 and you can check us out on myspace at Palace Fighting Championship.

Our website:
www.palacefightingchampionship.com will be up soon.

Peace and I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year.

That`s great news Christian!

Can we buy tickets at the Gift Shop?

yes sir Crowbar,
gift shop..tickets.com or charge by phone 1-866-4-palace.

And our hotel is open finally you can get a room on fight night from $49 and up.

Will you be on HDNET?

wasn't lodine sincaid going to be out of fighting for awhile because of a mental condition he needed to deal with? If that is true I don't see how he can fight on the 20th. 

Prince Albert,
This January 18th event will not be televised. However, our website is going to offer the fights on demand.

We are however exploring television broadcast opportunities.

We areadding some elements to the show that will take the term "fight club" and ally bring it to life.

3 minute rounds?! ech.

i'd like to see the ufc use the wec to build up a critical mass of fighters at 145 pounds, then bring them over for a new belt.

so poppies isn't fighting art anymore, but are ento and hit boy still fighting?

Also look for an exciting fighter, Josh Smith, to set that place on fire that night. Another 55'er to keep an eye on.

thanks Christian.

Dave Espinosa vs Nelson Ocampo: 135 lbs
Brian Huerta vs Jeff Terry: Heavyweights
Ralph Lopez vs TBA: 145 lbs
Billy Terry vs Mickey Martinez: 170 lbs
Rafael del Real vs Rolando Torres: 205 lbs
Mike Moreno vs TBA: 180 lbs
Chris Botelho vs Jeremy Ybara: 170 lbs
Kenny Ento vs Roy Arriola: 185 lbs
Poppies Martinez vs Josh Gardner: 165 lbs
Butterbean vs Lil' Sal: Superheavyweights

Tickets on sale 1/4 at 10AM. Tickets start at only $20


Please tell me aren't going "Art Dohr" on us.

i know i'm fighting on the 20th

Yeah the 18th in Lemoore is a PFC (Palace Fighting Championship) evnt..The Natural is in the WEC show on the 20th..thats it Vegas.

There's probably already been too much confusion out there as it is.

Our website will be up by 1/12:


Is ringworm a mental condition.

Kit and Rob should be on PPV.