wec, vegas- who's going??

roll call...

looks like it's just you.

I would really love to , but Vegas is 4 and Lemoore if it was there is 5 llloooooong as hours by car.

Looks like a good card!

I cant go but if you could cheer for Kyle Jensen for me that would be great. lol

Is there a place we can find event info (prices, hotel packages etc)?

I'd consider making a trip out there.

Heck, it's easier to get there than Lemoore.


I'll be sure to cheer extra loud for you for Jensen,

wec.tv  gives a link to buy tickets and I heard that tickets were still available-  as far as hotels you could try Hard Rock or there's a little hotel right across the street (cant remembver name)

Cool, thank you. Do it in a deep voice so I dont sound girly.

Seats are still available at all price points,

Tons of places to stay for under $100.00.

I'll be there.

my guess is that the weigh in's will be at the HR in the joint probably around noon

having drinks with Smac

The joint is small so any ticket is good really

section AA here. looks like a good card, cant wait until Saturday

aa is the bleechers I think, really good view of the cage

Bleechers sounds so bad for such a small place...LOL yeah its in between floor seating and standup "seating"


"standing" seating is like the bar area, the bleechers are on the opposite side of the cage, its just one set and its actually very close to the cage

Loudgrl.... Who is Smac???