wec, vegas- who's going??

smac1, a ug'r

joker- are you going to be there?


Ummm...I'll be there. But I refuse to cheer for Jensen as we are sharing a cornerman.

Good luck, I am looking forward to seeing you fight.   How many of these title fights do you think will go the distance?

Logan.. where's your pre-fight interview?

Yeah, I kind of slacked on getting that one taken care of. They first asked me to interview at 11 this morning, and then I finally got it done at around 5 this evening, so it will be posted first thing tomorrow morning. But I did get it done before Brandan Seguin, so wasn't the biggest slacker.


I'll check it out tomorrw and then report back with my feedback.. Just kidding :)

 Now I am... I was heading to Oakland for the IFL but our trip fell through. Looks

like I am going to be partying in VEGAS!!!

good to hear, let us drink and drink more.  I promise not to scream in your ear again :)


Logan, who is your corner?

Wish I was...

My corners are Brock Larson and my teammate, Kevin Garlitch. I also have a friend who comes along to assist me in all sorts of things (mostly taking liquids and foods to weigh-ins).

what else does your "assistant" do for you?


ttt for weigh in times

I'll b there!!!

weigh-ins r tomorrow @ 4:00 PM Hard Rock

I cant get a flight until tomorrow so i'll be there on saturday

I'll be there.