WEC wouldn't let Pulver push the fight back?

They were saying that when he walked in the cage, that he tried to change the date of the fight but the WEC wouldn't let him.

Does anyone have any information on that, and is it possibly because of the Justin Eilers incident, would make sense honestly, probably pretty hard to train while all that shit is happening.

 His kids were in a car accident i think, couldn't leave his training camp to go see them?

The Eilers stuff, plus the stuff with Monte's family and the car accident, plus not being able to train with Matt Hume or have even close to a full camp.

 he tried to push the fight back when he walked in the cage? Or did I read that wrong?

^i think when he was walking towards the cage,the commentators where saying he was trying to push the fight back during training camp.

"Jens was set up to lose IMO"

He should have been able to push this fight back, but would it really have made a difference?

^^^ Nope

The rematch made no sense ever, especially not at this stage in Pulver's career.

Bring in some single-name Japanese grapplers with .500 records for him to fight, WEC! Scott Adams make it happen!