WEC Wreckage opinions...

wreckage showed some good fights in the first 2 episodes. i wanted to get some feedback on these observations:

kit cope and apple both showed some pretty good bjj skills. cope definitely has improved.

i'd like to see a fight between apple/dave terrel...and john alessio vs tiki. style wise those would be both exciting.

faber is really good. i have seen only a few fights of his in the past but this kid seems to be the whole package.

condit vs larson should be a battle.

good stuff

Very impressed.

Shows have been very good.

Todd Harris and Frank Mir make a very good commentating team.

Incidentally, FYI - Harris is the guy who commentates World's Strongest Man on ESPN with Bill Kazmaier.

i agree on top of the fights, the production and commentating have been very good.

I was stunned when I saw how much Cope's Jiu-Jitsu improved - kudos to his trainer(s).

Put me down as very impressed also. A significant contributor is Frank Mir. His analysis from a fighters perspective adds alot.

Mir is good. My only complaint is sometimes he over explains. He'll still be explaining what a fighter was attempting to do when he's moved on to 2 or 3 different tecniques. I think he'll get better with experience though.

Mir is definitely one of the better fight callers on the mic today, UFC should bring him back, as an announcer as often as possible.

Fletch ,

 Im biased. That being said, I thought it was a rwally good fight. Micah and Jessie went at it. I ejoyed watching it.





Both shows were first rate (much better than the recent IFL and Bodog shows).

Brian Bowles, BEAT the man (charlie valencia) who beat the man (antonio buenello)

TT for Brian!


I never get kimura'd. I realllly have no idea how that happened.

Oh yeah, and Todd Harris is the man.