Wedgie defense to passing guard

Hey guys, I was thinking of also putting this up on the "What if..." forum, but I guess you guys should be the ones to turn to first.

Anyways, several months ago, I rolled with this one kid who seemed quite ambitious to be a "fighter," however his skills simply weren't up to par then. As it turned out, I simply pass his guard with ease and almost always gained mount position (majority of the sparring session was with me sitting on top of him doing G'n'P).

Just out of nowhere, he grabs on to my pants and proceeds to give me a wedgie, thus preventing me from passing the guard (well, delaying me is more accurate). Basically, I manhandled my way out and still passed guard (and my pants survived as well). However, should this kid have been much stronger, he might have held me there indefinately (or my pants would have ripped in the process).

Has this scenario happened to you before, and is there a way to bypass/take advantage of this wedgie defense?

Thanks in advance.

Hmmmm. That's a new one on me. Options:

-Hooks to the ribs until he lets go.

-stiffarm his face and push him back down. (this one depends on the fortitude of your crack!)

-open the ankles while he wedgies, back yourself up and stand. If he still has your Fruit-of-the-looms, you will sit him up in the process. Then leapfrog his legs straight to mount. He can hold on all he wants now--you will be punching him in the face.

More importantly, though, are some of the following issues:

-Where are your hands? Why don't you have posture? Why are you allowing him to grab onto you while you prepare to pass?

-Why are you rolling with someone this weird?

-Where will you find NEW spongebob squarepants underoos?


you're not mean/aggressive enough. make it painful. that wedgie shit won't last long.

"Grapple naked."

Thanks, this is the best advice... ever!

No, seriously I don't believe that kid will ever rely on using a wedgie to save his @$$ again, especially when I broke free and still passed his guard. I believe he only tried that twice before he got the message that it wasn't all that effective. However, that is all I do remember of him doing so well since he was so poor at holding top position, got sweeped everytime he was in my guard, and couldn't sink in one decent submission.

Anyways, in regards to these questions:

"Where are your hands? Why don't you have posture?"

Well, they were at his sides (close to his armpits) to prevent him from pulling off an armbar or triangle. You see, just a couple of weeks before this encounter, I was at a Matt Thornton seminar and Matt showed me how to establish "combat base" when proceeding to passing the guard. Luckily my trip to the seminar payed off. This kid was pulling my head to his chest and trying to smoother me, but because of what Matt showed, his smoother tactic didn't work, and it made it that much harder for him to pull off a triangle. That fool resorted to kicking my face, which I only exploited to pass his guard. So, in response to the second question, my back wasn't upright yet. My torso was still flushed to his and I was just executing the first couple of steps to establish combat base. Thus, my butt was within grabbing distance. So actually, I wasn't even at the point of passing the guard yet.

"Why are you allowing him to grab onto you while you prepare to pass?"

Well, I have no idea other than the fact that my butt was within grabbing distance.

"Why are you rolling with someone this weird?"

That's funny you should ask. You see, I was waiting for my sparring partner to show up and this kid just happened to be in the room training with his cousin. I've met them on numerous occasions beforehand and I thought his cousin was a blowhard trying to look like a real bad@$$. The kid I rolled with, I thought he was quite normal (he didn't come off as arrogant as his cousin). But now that I look back on it, I guess that kid just wanted to impress his cousin. But, the bottom line is that this kid just happened to be there, asked me to roll with him, and I thought I would roll with him as warm-up and to give him some extra practice.

"Where will you find NEW spongebob squarepants underoos?"

Forget Spongebob man. I do all my cloth shopping at the WWE Shopzone including looking for underwears. j/k

Beats workin' in law enforcement, somefin'new everyday. . .

Top ten ways to stop a wedgie

10.fart whenever he pulls
9. pretend you like it . . .
8. really like it!
7. make politically incorrect statement about his sexual orientation
6. wear a cup
5. install steel testicles
4. tie your pants tight so he can't reach your elastic band
3. forfeit use of underwear, just wear a cup
2. call local channel 9 and complain
1. turn in direction of his arm that is encircling you, grab his wrist and apply bent arm lock while returning to the front.(maybe this will work!)

Just wedgie him back. Since you are on top you have more leverage.

I know what you should do. Next time he does that just start raining down punches on him, that should make him think twice about giving you a wedgie.

Seriously just wedgie him back. It's what I call the Jedi mind trick. It works on all beginners. If you hold him close, he tries to push away, whether he should or not. If you push him away, he tries to hold you close, whether he should or not.

He will always want to do the opposite of what you're doing, so he'll let go and try to pull you down. But since hands on the waistband, elbows in, head back, is a good form of posture, he won't be able to.


I've been to 2 of Matt Thornton's seminars too, including one of the recent ones. If you're starting in safety position the first thing you should be doing with your upper body to prep your pass is hands in the armpits and stretching him out. This is a form of posture too. This will make it harder for him to grab you, or your tighty whities.

If you're using strikes (or wedgies), then you want to keep his hands away from you, so you can also use hands in the biceps (I know some people don't like that one, but I use it quite a bit).

All in all, though, I think my next response would be to bite him on the middle of his chest, especially if he's using both his hands for the wedgie.


Those advice are pretty cool, guys! Keep them coming if there are more advice to administer. Yeah, I had consider pounding his face (since I was already doing G'n'P from mount), biting him, or giving him a wedgie in return... but since I dominated most of the match... ahh, just like Kosta said: Not mean or aggressive enough.

I mean, it really was something to laugh about in retrospect, considering the level of skill that the kid was at. Strangely though, his cousin (a "self-proclaimed" MMArtist) actually approved of the "wedgie defense" as a viable tactic to prevent ppl from passing. Yeah, now that I look back on it, why indeed would I roll with someone this weird? I've no idea.