Weed/CND for pain management? TMA

Looking for something to take the edge off. Dealing with multiple injuries and just being old. Can’t sleep for shit. I’m out of the loop on all the stuff that’s out there now. I was always a ditch weed smoker in my youth.

Any suggestions???

Fucking title should say CBD…

I’m sure there are far more knowledgeable people on the subject matter . But I can relate to your situation, I started vaping Delta 8 carts “ basically weed” really chilled me out and helped with my sleep . The other thing I did was start taking Serovital that my wife bought but didn’t take because it would upset her stomach . I didn’t grow tits but after about two weeks I felt like I had more energy and the naggy aches and pains went away. “ for the most part “ . But I did get stem cells in a few places so that probably helps too .

I tried cbd spray for pain and thc spray for sleep. For the first bit I did sleep a bit better but it did nothing for pain. Kept playing with dosage for almost 3 months but honestly neither seemed to have any affect.

I wish it was for me the wonder drug that it seems like it is for others.