Weed Is Still Illegal In Texas for 3,000 Alex

Lakers guard Alex Caruso was busted for possession of pot on Tuesday after authorities at a Texas airport allegedly found the L.A. hooper with a grinder containing weed residue.

Yes … still illegal in Texas.

TMZ Sports has confirmed 27-year-old Caruso was arrested earlier Tuesday by Texas A&M University PD for marijuana possession (under 2 ounces) and possession of drug paraphernalia.

TSA agents at Easterwood Airport in College Station, TX allegedly found the grinder and weed residue … so they contacted A&M cops, according to a report .

Caruso – who starred at A&M between 2012-2016 – was released on $3,000 cash bond, according to Brazos County jail records. The docs also show Alex paid a $552 fine for the paraphernalia charge.

This was total bullshit.

Getting actual arrested, when all he had to do was pay a fine.

ppl on the Lakers blog are saying

“Goats need grass.” lol

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Guaranteed the cop was a longhorn fan lol

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He travels with a grinder? Why not just do what everyone does and take a vape cart along?

Seriously though, it’s not like he couldn’t just buy a grinder the second he lands or have hookups set up in each city…

Who the fuck even needs a grinder

Busted for residue ina grinder?? Man that is some bulllllllsheeeeet

Stupid he was busted for a grider, but wtf is a professional basketball player travelling with a grinder at an airport where it is illegal thinking?

Stupidity all around.