Weekly MMA fights :Would U watch?

Lets say that a major network was thinking about doing something along the lines of Boxings Friday Night Fights, is it something that you would watch?

who wouldnt?

free fights will always be watched at my house

If it was'nt ppv 99.99% of mma fan's and fighters would watch.No doubt!!!

Of course silly question jk

You ask this question on an MMA forum?

I know I know! Seems like a silly question, but the answers could have a very real outcome, which would spawn our very own Friday night MMA fight type of thing...

And I'm not talking PPV. I have a very real reason for asking about interest.

If I was to go so far as to set up a mailbox that one could email and show support for or against, would you be inclined to respond? And be willing to back that support up if asked by doing nothing more than writing an endorsement, saying that you would be watching?

Spoxjox, I know it seems silly... Bear with me... I've been around here since this site started, and I'm sure some of the old guys here can vouch that I usually have good reason for asking questions.

Dont' be scared Draven... :-)

This is all for a good reason. That reason is that I have managed to secure a means to present a "notion" to someone in a position within a network to facilitate this. No joke. There is not a better, or larger test market in which to start other than this place. Wouldn't you agree?

Where do I sign up?

"but the problem is that it would be hard to find enough "quality" fighters to fill the slots that aren't already under contract."

Aahh... That is the nice part. It is not going to be as hard as you may think. I can assure you that part is already taken care of, and when I'm at liberty to say "how" I can say that; you're going to wonder why it did not occur to you! :-)

So, the "quality" fighters/organization is squared away. The only thing missing is the verifiable support of viewers, and a network. I have the bona fide access into one, and possibly two networks, along with representation from someone in that world. I need only show the demand to the networks.

Not a silly question. People around here bitch and moan about the quality of UFN fights every damn time one airs.

I watch boxing on a weekly basis, even if its some crappy match on Wed Night Fights, because, one, I like the sport, and , two, you never know when some crazy insane good fight could happen unless you bother to give it a chance.

Great points Draven, but I promise, we are not talking low level, bubba thinks he can scrap type of slugfests...

Naturally, the networks are going to need to draw advertisers, hence, the need to asess interest.

I'm a non smoker bro!

And I damn sure would not have asked the question if I was not in the process of doing something about it.

The end result would be a lot more fighters getting an opportunity, at a high level to ply their trade. The networks just need to know that they'll make some scratch too!

I promise, I'm just waiting on one phone call before I can tell you why the fighters are covered; and some things will start to line up!

heh heh heh...
Roger that AVT.

Gotta get a vibe!

I honestly think you might saturate the market with weekly MMA. Yes everyone on this forum (myself included) would watch, but we might jump the shark with the casual fan... which could be BAD for the sport.

That is a great point, and certainly something to keep in mind. But I do not think that we have hit mainstream yet.

Of Course!

lets see, there is TUF and Pride is comming it was just announced, even Ernie Reyes Jr has a new show on MTV2 where there are weekly fights....I think the research has probably been done to suggest people would watch weekly....

...better be one heck of a pitch!

It will be.

"That is a great point, and certainly something to keep in mind. But I do not think that we have hit mainstream yet."

No, but what's the definition of mainstream? X games athletes are doing great, making huge dollars, and have great oppurtunities. Fans have more opps. to watch high level athletes compete then ever before, and more and more of these sports are being added to mainstream sporting events like the olympics, further adding credibility.

But you don't see weekly TV X games shows on mainstream TV... if you did, I'm not sure it would be a good thing. I love these sports, and have FUEL on my TV all day while I work, but I know that I'm in the minority, and I'd rather have not enough of a good thing, then none.