WEF card 11-18-06

  1. 185 Crafton Wallace vs. Charles Blanchard

  2. 185 Gordon Feibig vs. Chad Jay

  3. 145 Scotty Johnson vs. Matt Horning

  4. 155 Danny Abaddi vs. Harris Norwood

  5. 155 Diego Saraiva vs. Adam Arendondo

  6. 170 Mike Cerra vs. John Walsh

  7. 155 Khristian Geraci vs. Manny Reyes Jr

  8. 170 Travis Cox vs. Luis Palomino

  9. 245 Mike Stocker vs. Jerome Smith

  10. 170 Raunier Mendiluza vs. Albert Utreras

  11. 145 George Conger vs. Andres Soto

ttt good card




Good card

Go KnuckleUp guys

Kick some a$$ Diego

Scotty at 145?

Hell yeah!! Jerome is fighting again! I can't wait to see it on HDtv!!

Manny is fighting someone who is 0-4?

Color me surprised...

What happened to the ATT guy that offered to fight him?


ttt for Diego


ttt for Chad "Don't Play" Jay

Jamie, when you decide to give Manny a challenge please call me.



Good Luck Matt Horning!! Be safe bro. Godspeed to ya my Friend!!!

is this the organization the UFC bought? If so, can we expect this to be the Pride "bushido" equivilant as a feeder for the UFC?

is steve headden fighting crafton wallace now?

Where is this event?