WEF Card Vegas 4/1/06?

Anybody know who is going to fight on this card on Saturday Night?

Turns out I will be in Vegas, might have some time to check this out. Any info would be appreciated.

I know that people on here don't like one of the guys behind this show, but this thread was not created for bashing...again legit info appreciated.

Marvin Eastman vs Jason Guida

Miguel Torres vs Damaico Page

Alex Schoenauer vs Kenny Stevens

Jay Hieron is also fighting.

Crafton Wallace vs Steve Headen and Belcher vs ?(I forget), also I belive Miguel Torres is out, not sure who's the replacement. Guida Vs Eastman in the main event is gonna be good.

From what I am hearing, sans the fighting for Levine, Belcher could be a big name in the near future. He gave Eastman a very tough fight a weight class up at 205, and he's said to be a monster at 185 now.

thanks for the heads up fellas

anyone know for sure if Torres is out? heard some real good things about him (saw one of his fights on here a whilke back)

Eastman usually brings it from what I have seen, does Guida favor GnP style of fighting?

Guida is a bad dude, but I'd have to go with Eastman on this one.

I was looking forward to the Page Torres fight, if it did happen it would be good. Torres is quick but Page has power.

good luck to kenny and alan

Hey everybody,

Im going to be in Vegas and wondering if anybody knows where I can give some money away, flush it down the toilet, buy drugs but not get to use them, pay a hooker not to fuck me or something equally stupid.

SHiloh is correct

alan was supposed to fight tj cook but cook was injured. now alan is fighting marcus sursa at 200. doesnt matter though because alan is a animal. I am proud to train with him