WEF get Kyle Bradley for 155

Jamie was on here looking for a 155 well i think the boys from LA and Ms are proven in the sport with Rich Clementi, Chad Jay, Alan Belcher, JC, Tim Creadure,... KBeezy would bring the WEF what they need in a fighter



We are working it all out with Alan, Rich and Kyle.

I agree that Kyle is just the type of fighter the WEF is looking for and the relationship between the two would fit both parties well.

The WEF is just what Kyle needs and the rules fit his style.

Remember its not up to me solely I do have a few guys that have to agree with my reconmendations.

The company is turning a new leaf and I just cant do it by myself anylonger.


Kyle Bradley: MMA

Name: Kyle Bradley
Age: 24

Location:  Denham Springs, Louisiana

FIGHTING STYLE: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

* 16-3 professional and amateur record

* The Extreme Fight Club Welter Weight Champion

* Reality Combat Light Weight Top Contender

* Four Time International Martial Arts Fight Night Champion

* Veteran of Free Style Fighting Championship, Battle Of New Orleans and The Fight Factory


Kyle has trained with some of the greatest fighters in the world, Matt Hughes, Rich Franklin, Rico Rodriguez, Jeremy Horn, Robbie Lawler, Tim Sylvia, Rich Clementi and many more.


TTT for Jamie for acknowledging fans opinions

Kyle by TKO

Kyle has passed on the fight.

maybe next time!


Yes Kyle has already signed to a fight on the 24 here in Louisiana and chose to honor that contract but i hope to see him in your org. later

and dont forget tim credeur