WEF Louisville KY this Friday

June 2 at the :Louisville Gardens Arena at 8:00 pm
after fight party at fouth st live.
"girls", beer, and fights.


Who's on the card?

Jamie, do you have the full card?

Chad "Bonefish" Jay

girls beer and fights good combonation. another fun weekend with the WEF.



can you release any of the card?

we are putting the card together tonight.

Jamie, if you do amatuer as well as pro I would want to talk to you about fighting in the future - hopefully later this summer. Where could I email you?


Luke McCracken from Team Jorge Gurgel will be fighting... He is coming freash off a 22 sec. KO in his first fight, and is looking to keep up with his winning ways...

TTT for Luke and Brent

cool will email you soon. thanks

Brent is awesome. He will be sure to smash his opponent I am sure



Hey guys, you should definatly go to this show.If you like assholes and getting screwed from every direction possible.When will people learn.He's not even supposed to have pro fights on this card only amatuer!I guess he plans on not paying anyway.Fighters....when you get your checks ,roll the up like a basketball because im sure the'll bounce.

hey jason fuck off asshole !!!!!!
u dont know shit about me or the event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey jason fuck off asshole !!!!!! u dont know shit about me or the event!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

He is going off of the past events. I personally hope the problems with the WEF are just that, in the past. You can be a good matchmaker, you should stick to that and let someone else handle the money.


I'll tell you what i "KNOW" ...as far as the commission is concerned you arent supposed to be having PRO fights is what i know!A couple of promoters have worked very hard over a couple of years on getting Pro mma in KY and i dont remember your name mentioned.Have you not crooked people before,am i lying.Have not dozens of people not come out, on many occasions ,and said you out right robbed them of money owed to them?I'll have to give you one thing.I probably am an asshole ....but not one who robs poor ass fighters of thier well earned money over and over and over.......