Weigh-in Pics: Tonight's ShoXC (pics)


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I have fighter quotes up on my site if anyone is interested. They're from yesterdays Press conf.

Fighter Quotes

265 lbs:. Dave "Pee Wee" Herman 11-0 (243) vs. Kerry "Meat Truck" Schall 21-10 (261)

Yes, I am still training alone and, no, I’m not really worried about joining a camp or team although I went and trained for a week in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. I worked on striking and how to block a punch … without using my face. I sparred with Frank Mir. That was fun.
-- Dave "Pee Wee" Herman
I’ve reached this gate-keeper status where they put guys up against me that, if they can get by me, then they can go on. They are legit then.
-- Kerry "Meat Truck" Schall

Catch the fights on Showtime at 11pm ET tonight. Fighter Quotes thanks to TheGarv.com.


205 lbs:. Jason Guida 17-17 (204.5) vs. Mamed "Cannibal" Khalidov 14-3-1 (200.5)

(Referring to not making weight in the past) – "I know what I’m capable of and I’ve changed my diet. I know what I need to do. I got lazy; the training was there but I just wasn’t disciplined or focused and I wasn’t mentally there. I am now.
-- Jason Guida
I get a lot of exposure fighting on television in Poland, but nothing like this. I’m really looking forward to making new fans. I’ve been fighting at middleweight so he may be physically stronger, but I don’t think it is an issue. I’m confident.
-- Mamed "Cannibal" Khalidov

170 lbs:. Anthony Lapsley 13-3 (170.5) vs. Mike Stumpf 10-1 (172.5)

I want to fight EliteXC champion Jake Shields, but whoever is in the way, I’ll take them first.
-- Anthony Lapsley
I’m very excited to get this opportunity and definitely looking to set the pace early. I want to finish this fight; there’s no reason to go through any feeling out process.
-- Mike Stumpf

185 lbs:. Alexander "Storm" Shlemenko 21-3 (184.5) vs. Robert "Bubba" McDaniel 11-4 (183.5)

I know almost nothing my opponent except that he is more a wrestler than a striker, so I will try to avoid the take down. I’m ready to fight on the ground if that’s where it goes, but will try and keep it standing. I have fought a southpaw only once before.
-- Alexander "Storm" Shlemenko
It’s hard to say what the victory over Kala Kolohe Hose did for my confidence, but I will find out Friday if it was a fluke or a legitimate step up. But, for sure, this is an exciting opportunity for me.
-- Robert "Bubba" McDaniel

160 lbs:. Lyle "Fancy Pants" Beerbohm 7-0 (161.5) vs. Rafaello "Trator" Olivera 5-0 (160.5)

I’ve only been doing MMA 19 months but I wrestled in high school and am a natural fighter. This is my job. I train twice a day, that’s all I do.
-- Lyle "Fancy Pants" Beerbohm
My nickname is "Tractor" – I like to run over my opponents. The plan is to come out non-stop and knock him out or get him to submit. I would like best to win by stoppage but he is a tough dude, who I respect. But I came here to win and if I am mentally right, I will. I’m ready for anything.
-- Rafaello "Trator" Olivera 

-- bloodyelbow.com


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 Good call G-Hands

kerry is in great shape

i think we'll see a solid fight from him


Mike Stumpf looks a little melancholy :>)

 Guy on the left looks as though he has just seen a ghost....

 Stumpf looks like hed rather be anywhere than on that card.


How in the world are you willing to accept the nickname of fancy pants.


 yeah man.  it's like a night of MMA with no over-blown expectations ....  The only expectation is seeing hungery competitors fighting hard to get to that next level.


I think Rafaello teaches BJJ&MMA out of my hometown (Knoxville, TN). I'm kinda' out of touch. If he's who I'm thinking of, hope he can run through a guy with little experience.

So Guida shaves down for this but wouldn't cut the locks to make weight on TUF? Just me?