Weigh-ins ON SPIKE TV???

i didnt see a thread on this subject

is this true?

are the weighins going to be shown on spike tv tomorrow ??

i seen the link on ufc.tv, but when i clicked on it, i never seen any other info on the weighins

does anyone know for sure? Beth(saucy)????anyone???

That's what I heard. I suggested this a long time ago. Great idea imo.

yep. i hope its true

it would be a great move by Dana and Spike

would be nice to turn on the tv and watch the weighins

TTT for some guarenteed answers from Saucy or someone who knows for sure

Weigh ins are supposed to be on spike but noone knows anything about it? wtf?

10:00pm spike


I won't be seeing them tomorrow. Spike shows the normal broadcast schedule of TNG and CSI, and then UFC Countdown.

Yes, UFC Live and Inside at 10 pm on Spike

awesome, thanks for the confirmation Saucy

yeah its on the guide

felling really invisible tonight

I think it's great Spike is going to air the weigh-ins...I hope they start doing this for every event.