Weigh more afer lifting?

I'm sure this is a really obvious and stupid question and I think I already know the answer, but I'm ignorant and want confirmation from people who know more than I do. So here goes:Should you expect to weigh more after a workout that includes weights as opposed to a strictly cardio workout?I always weigh myself right after my workout. It seems like I weigh on the low side if all I've done is cardio and quite a bit more if I done some lifting (even though my lifting regime is not that strenuous). Eating habits are pretty consistent and sometimes the two weigh-in sessions are only 24 hours apart. The difference can be as much as 3-4 pounds. This is normal, right?

Water weight

From the lifting?

Most people don't sweat as much lifting as they do when they do cardio. And if you drink fluid while you workout more than likely you will drink more while lifting than you will during cardio.

So as 614 said-"Water Weight"

OK, OK. I said it was a stupid question, didn't I?