Weight and Aerobics for BJJ


I've chosen to train with weights and aerobics for sport bjj. I've also chosen to do both in the same day (weights & aerobics 10 min apart).

My question is would I benefit more from doing the aerobics before the weights or after?

I read in a really good sports training book that the answer lies with the components of your class. So if your class is more aerobic oriented do the cardio first , if its more strength oriented do the weights first.

I plan on fighting mostly from the offensive guard position so I'm not doing any lay and pray strategies. I will be working for a submission constantly.

On the other hand I'm close to 40 have had injuries , and have a small frame. I feel I need the strength to resist injury and to apply my submission holds effectively.

So no doubt i will do both but the question is really the order?

Any suggestions? And do any of you here use this exact same approach.


 You should post this in the Strength & Conditioning forum. You'll get more useful info there.