Weight Loss for old folk(diabetic)

A relative of mine pushing 60 just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Thats combined with high blood pressure and being overweight. I believe the blood sugar levels were recorded at 247.

I've been reading up and it says that it can be controlled by simply changing your lifestyle and excersizing. If it were up to me I'd just have the person work with me during my workouts or have them drill killer cardio workouts that I've picked up in wrestling and boxing. But the person is pushing 60 and I've got to be realistic. After spending a great deal of time training I'm at a complete loss on how to help out my fam with their workout, everything I know would be too intense. The only thing I can think of is buying a stationary bike and haveing them work on that.

Any suggestions?

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At that age, he will not be able to handle anything drastic.

Everything needs to be slow and consistent, but turned into a habit.

He needs to buy good shoes, approved for diabetics, and start walking.

Each week, he should add a healthy food, or remove an unhealthy food (or portion size) from his diet.

jbapk... All of my posts are germain to the issue..

Ok get the person to start light to moderate cardio for atleast 3hrs per week if possible. Divide an 1 block of cardio per session - 30min bike, then 30 min walking.

Furthermore, they need to do light resistence work, ie dumbell exercises as well or circuit work. Unfortunately they have negelected their physical health for so long, so its gonna be difficult, but vitally important.

there are supplements they can take to keep their blood glucose levels in check, however, the best way to ensure stable levels is through good exercise + healthy, reasonable sized portions of food with plenty of fibre and leafy green veg.