Weight Loss Supplements?

Just wondering if anyone could give me some insight into the pros and cons of using weight loss supplements. Also wondering if anyone could recommend any. Anyone have have any good experiences with any specific supplements?

well the bad side is that you could die

Death aye? Nothing new. I could die crossing the street. Also researching this Lipodrene stuff...

I have been using Lean System7 and it works very well. No jitteryness cause there is no caffeine.

I've heard great things about Hotroxx as well but never tried it cause I don't like the caffeine, my body is very sensitive to it.

Enh. Caffeine doesn't effect me at all. I'm almost convinced that Caffeine is just a placebo.

Any thoughts on Stacker 3? I was taking that for a while to no avail. Had to pop a half a dozen of the damn things in order to feel that it was working.( Ie; appetite suppression, "Energized" etc)

Ephedrasil Hardcore is the best if you can afford it. You can get it on ebay for 70 a bottle. I think its 130 in stores.