Weight makes a huge difference

Many are saying Hunt owned Vandy. Many are saying Vandy owned Hunt. Bottom line is a Hunt thats 200 lbs. would be owned with those skills by Wandy. I thought wandy won but only because he controled the fight. Pride is cool but making fights like this they should agree to no decision like the vandy -cro fight. Its not a fair fight so the rules should adjust OR thewre should be no decision.


isn't vanderlei a brown or black belt in jiu jitsu?

I think he works on it

that said, hunt was too big and powerful

he powered out of everything vanderlei threw

Wasn't Silva training for Saku up unitl a few weeks ago?

And did Silva really ask for a heavyweight to fight? I'd be suprised if he did.

I thought it was common knowledge that weight makes a big difference??

weight is a big factor between skolled competitors