Weight on Lead Hook

when you throw a left hook, should your weight end up being on your front or rear foot?

I was taught to shift the weight from the front to the back, while "crushing peanuts" with the lead foot.

But, if you watch some people like Mark Hominick in the following clip, it seems like his weight is ALWAYS on his lead foot. He never shifts his weight or twists his lead foot.


What are the differences between the two? Is one better than the other?

I think it depends some people dont rotate their feet at all when throwing punches some do. I think you get more power from pivoting and if you want to pivot your front foot it is alot harder to move with your weight pressing down on it.

Onescoup is correct.

For MMA/fighting pivoting is a bad idea. You are exposing the side of the knee to a kick.

For boxing different story. Depending on your mechanics you can be just as effective without.

e kaye, u mean exposing the back of the knee, or the quad?

Mmmm, yes. Just because you did not see it happen, does not mean it won't.

If you pivot the front leg you are exposing the knee in a way that a short kick or knee can do a lot of damage.

Who ever said throwing a right hook automatically means you will be countered? Successfully?

Your analogy is not analogous.

LOL-Sorry, but you are wrong.



You can kick to the knees in MMA?